Stats for a Warrior, Part 1

Today I’m going shift gears a little and instead of talking about what’s going on in the game, discuss stats for Warriors, Druids, and Paladins. I might even go farther and do a writeup of some of the other classes, but let’s not get ahead of myself.
We will discuss warriors first, specifically prot first. Prot warriors are the classic, posterboy of the tanking world. Running off of one of the most unique and asshat backwards resource system in the game, warriors were standing up to bosses since before pallies even thought of picking up a shield and imitating the rage monkey model.
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What’s your biggest regret in your WoW experience?

Title says it all: what is the biggest thing you regret since starting to play WoW? Rolled a different class, killed that rogue, left a guild, what was it?

I know the thing that I regret the most was not leaving for a bigger guild during TBC. At the same time, if given the opportunity, I wouldn’t change a thing. Let me elaborate.

I hit Outlands on my first Horde toon a week or two after Illidan was released. I remember because everyone was running around yelling “YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!!!!” and I want to say that Illidan himself was yelling it as well. I hit lvl 70, started gearing out for PVP (ugh S1 was fugly!) and getting gear from the 5 mans.

Fast forward several months. I’m not happy with how hard PVP as a priest is. My RMP team is difficult because I’m not the best player, and I’m playing on a low FPS laptop. I’m also disgusted that I was almost ready to get my first piece of arena gear, and points got wiped - new season. I also now have to return to the BG’s to grind out the honor for the S2 gear. My friends that I was playing with are also starting to let their attention wane - they are about to quit Wow for awhile.

Sitting in trade chat while waiting on a BG, I see another priest looking for another priest, preferably healing spec, for Kara. My friends’ account has run out, and they won’t be getting anymore game time for at least a week. I mentally shrug and decide to try it out. I have never raided, my friends always told me its stupid, others told me its fun, so lets give it a try.

I enter a mostly guild run (me and someone from my guild are in there as the 2nd and 3rd healer) of Kara. They inform us that they will explain the fights, and we will probably only get half way. I’m cool with that, not a big deal. Fast forward 4 hours - we are done for the night, and I HAD FUN!!! It was fun watching boss cd’s, my cd’s, managing mana, and not having to be a “tank” (disc priests during TBC were PVP tanks - everyone in arena’s gunned for them and the priest had to “tank” the other team while their teammates peeled or cc’d them). I wasn’t even really geared for it, and I did really well. I call up my friend, ask him what his plans are for wow, and I’m informed he won’t be returning to wow. I tell him cool, and /gquit in game, and get invited to Cruor Insurrectum, the guild that I had just pugged with. The other healer that was with us from my old guild follows me (Holygreek).

Once again, fast forward a month or so. I’m a firmly established healer in Kara. I’m mastering my mana regen, and even going so far as to lead the raids. We are also making progress on the bosses in there, and are getting farther than we were when I first joined. I find out more about my guildies, that most of them are family members, and I make friends with them (get on a real name basis with them). I log on one day to get asked to get into vent, where they ask me to become an officer. I’m knowledgeable about the fights, I’m leading half the raids, and one of the other officers is going out of country for several months. I reply sure, and I get promoted.

Lets fast forward a little while farther. One of our tanks is going to transfer off server to play with real life friends. He gives us plenty of notice, so we have time to recruit, and one of our DPS rerolls a druid in order to fill the spot. Several weeks after our new tank is geared and starting to tank on a steady basis, our main tank (our druid, Milken) gives us his notice. He’s bored of Kara, been here for over 6 months, and while it was fun, he has an invite to a higher level guild (more progressed) and hes going to go to them. We ask if he can wait 3 weeks to fill the spot, and he agrees. I promptly go climb on my lvl 10 warrior I had been working on for several weeks (kept starting and deleting them) and begin to power level. Within 3 weeks (before the experience nerfs went active) I’m almost lvl 70 on Bulliwyf. I declare that as soon as hes able to start tanking raids, he will become my main in order to help the guild, and I will only log on to Boondockst when we are really needing another healer. The guild agrees, and we do great. Milken leaves, I step in, barely geared enough, and I work my ass off to be a great tank.
And I do fine.

Fast Forward a little farther. I’m perfectly geared (within reason), the Guild Master, we have almost 2 groups running every week, and we are attempting to make the leap from 10 mans to 25 mans, but unfortunately, we are a revolving door of raiders: we gear them out, teach them how to raid, how to do good dps, and then they leap to an established raiding guild. We recruit some more, and its a viscous cycle. Another guild, one that is in 25 man raids and looking for tanks approaches me: they want to absorb my guild, but only to get me and our healer. The rest of the guild is more than welcome to follow, but there is no promise that they will be even allowed into the raids. I consult the other officers, and we decide that thats not what we want. We wanted to maintain our friendly guild, and we wanted to stick with what had built.

This is where my regret starts. Had I left CI, and joined this other guild, I would have seen new content, and I would have gotten what is easily one of the coolest mounts in the game: The Amani War Bear.

But I didn’t, and this is the reason why I wouldn’t change anything if I could go back: I was becoming close friends with one of the DPS, Aedes. In fact, we became so close that we started to date long distance.

Shortly after Wrath of the Lich King was officially announced (the release date) the guild fell apart. I hoped around the server, guild to guild to guild, looking for a good place to raid, but I never really did. I missed out on Tempest Keep, Serpent Shrine Cavern, Hyjal, Black Temple, and the timed ZA runs. I missed out on alot of great content, and while I wish I had the opportunity to run that content when it was current, I’m glad that I made the decisions I did. Had I left, I would not of gotten to know Aedes as well as I have, I would not be madly in love with her as I am now, and I would not have moved to Canada to be with her.

So what have you done in WoW that you regret?

Better late than never… Stat Changes

Ok, so Blizzard posted it several days ago, and I have been really busy, so here’s my 2  on the situation.

Cataclysm Stat Changes

I’m not going to go over all the classes, just the ones that matter to me: tanks and plate dps (maybe kitty dps also). Lets just dive right into this. Italics are quotes from Blizzard’s post, found here.

Strength, Agility, Hit Rating, Expertise, and Critical Strike Rating - These will all still appear on gear as well. Aside from situations mentioned elsewhere in this list, in general these will function similarly to how they do now, though the details — such as how much Hit Rating you might need to effectively combat high-level creatures (more on this below) — are likely to change.

Stamina - Because of the way we will be assigning Strength, Agility, and Intellect, non-plate wearers will end up with more Stamina than before. Health pools will be much closer between plate-wearers and other classes.

Being Removed from Items
Attack Power - This stat will no longer be present on most items as a flat value, though it will still show up on some process. Strength and Agility, which will be present on items, will grant the appropriate amount of Attack Power (generally 2 Attack Power per point of Strength or Agility) depending upon which stat a particular class favors. Agility may provide less Crit than it currently does.
Spell Power - Spell Power is another stat that you’ll no longer see present on most items. Instead, as mentioned above, Intellect will grant Spell Power. One exception is that caster weapons will still have Spell Power. This allows us to make weapons proportionately more powerful for casters in the same way they are for melee classes.
Armor Penetration - This stat will no longer be present on items. Armor Penetration will still exist in talents and abilities.
Shield Block Value - This stat will no longer be present on items, since the amount blocked is always proportional to the amount of damage done. Talents and other effects might still modify the damage-reduction percentage from 30%, however.

Most of these stats will still be around, but not like they are on live. More than likely, its going to be on trinkets and weapons, but there’s not going to be a chest piece with 10% arpen anymore.

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Writers Block

I’m drawing a blank on something to write right now, so stay tuned.

Blizz just announced some of the stat changes in Cataclysm, so stay tuned for my opinion on that. My first glance has raised some small worries.

Like I said, more to come.

An update on my toons

So just an update, since I haven’t posted lately. Last week was my “spring break”, and since I’m usually posting in class (shhhh! Don’t tell!) or during my lunch, I wasn’t posting at home.

But during the break, I made a very (and ugh!!) decision: every one (4) of my toons will be a tank or a healer… So my warrior is a tank, my priest is a healer, my druid is a healer (with kickass! DPS btw), but my pally was ret. Notice the was. B/c she (I know, I know, I’m one of those weird guys that plays a chick toon) was a Holy/Ret spec, but I couldn’t get my head around how to heal… It confused me. So Wednesday, I made the decision that the only people that should use shields are tanks, and my paladin looked good with a shield.

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A simple follow up of the post I made a little bit ago about why GS sucks and skill is important.

Getting that monkey off your back

No, I’m not talking about drugs, or addiction, or anything close to that. I’m talking about Gearscore, and if you realize it or not, it effects how you play. It started out as just a way for developers to help weigh stats (b/c its based on item level), and rapidly became sooo much more than that.

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HP is not an excuse for ignoring strategy

The post says it all - just because you have 40k hp doesn’t mean you can ignore boss mechanics entirely. Since I have started to gear my druid out in the heroics, I have come across more and more lazy tanks that think that since they out gear the heroics, they can just stand in “fire” and ignore everything about the boss, and it greatly annoys me as someone who also plays a tank.

Maybe I’m just being a HUGE, GIANT ass stick in the mud, but I honestly think that no matter what, you should still follow the boss mechanics. When I run heroic Sethic Halls (a lvl 70 instance), the final boss of the instance does a large AOE blast that has to be line-of-sighted (LOS - I’m going to use this term alot). If you didn’t at lvl 70, it would wipe the group, and at lvl 80 it does a large chunk of damage. You want to avoid it no matter what, and guess what: I do.

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A quick note

Hi readers (I hope someone is reading this!!) just wanted to touch bases about whats going on. At the moment, the page is VERY bland, and there is nothing I can really do about it.
The site Tumblr has the ability to customize the background, but it isnt working at the time, so I am kinda forced into using a really bland background or a really gaudy one. I chose bland (obviously).

I hope to God the developers of this site get their crap together and fix the formatting of this site or else I will be moving operations to another site.

Are Heroics Dumbing down WoW?

I’m going to start off with a repost from a great blogger over at, Thespius.

Are Easier Heroics Better in the Long Run?

The patch 3.3.2 includes a few amendments to Heroic Dungeons and how they’re played.  Entire packs of mobs are being deleted.  Bosses abilities are being shortened or being made less frequent.  Fight mechanics are being made easier.  In essence, Blizzard is giving us more opportunities to blow through these dungeons with little to no effort.

I’m an educator at heart.  Seeing as though my life “endgame” is to be at the front of a classroom, it’s important to me that people learn the skills necessary to go through life.  How to write a proper business letter, how to analyze a novel or article, or how to put your thoughts in order and present them in a proper argument.

How does this translate into WoW?  Teaching players how to follow a kill order, how to manage small and large cooldowns, or how to CC a mob.  Remember some of the cardinal rules of this game that we’ve all learned?

  • If the ground changes, get out of it. Pretty standard stuff, except for rare circumstances
  • If the boss starts spinning with his huge weapon, move away from it.
  • If a really annoying mob is causing havoc, CC it. If possible, avoid DoT’ing it.

We learn these the hard way.  And, we have to utilize and execute what we’ve learned in the current content.  Ground changes?  Sounds like Rotface’s ooze pools on the ground.  Spinning mobs?  Marrowgar.  The need to CC a mob?  The mind controls in Lady Deathwhisper.

More after the break.

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